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Sweet Sucrèe is a pastry shop created to open up opportunities by sharing stories through each bite. The menu items are of the highest quality and are influenced by both my training at the Le Courdon Bleu in Scottsdale and my abuelas giftedness in the kitchen. Early in life I was naturally drawn to the creativity of baking and the community experience that results from gathering: laughter, story telling, and making new memories.

As often happens in life, I took a different direction for a bit. I spent sixteen years in the public education system as well as caring for my dear grandparents, both of which were very rewarding. However, early in my teaching profession, I felt a tug back to the culinary world which led me to pursue a certificate as a pastry chef. However, the career change would not happen until years later.

By 2018 my grandparents had passed and I spent the next year seeking Gods direction for my life. Through this time of reflection as well as my friends and family's encouragement that the passion for sweet baking ignited but with a new purpose.

One thing that I was reminded about was the ability food has to unite people by simply bringing us together, sharing our stories, and creating new ones. This vision is what drives the business. Therefore, I invite you to order the best sweet buttery tarts gather a few friends and share your story. 

Petit Fours- Gluten Free


Sweet, buttery crust, layered with your choice of gourmet filling and topped with fresh fruit.


Made without gluten.

Most of our delicious pastries are available with the option to be made without gluten.



Made with our proprietary tender crumb recipe, and your choice of preserve.


"Loved the pastries..order yours today at Sweet Sucrèe"

-Lupe Loo

I had Sweet Sucree for my birthday this year. The food was absolutely delicious and at a reasonable price. I will definitely be a returning customer!

— Jeremiah Sheppard

Delicious! She is so talented! Her butter cream frosting is amazing. Same with her cream cheese frosting. You should try them! Go to Sweet Sucree!

—Dylan Ingraham, Age 9


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